20210901 - Oy Armatec Finland AB, dotterbolag till Ernströmgruppen AB, köper Termovent Finland Oy AB

Oy Armatec Finland Ab has acquired the business of Termovent Finland Oy Ab, a sales company in the HVAC sector. The asset acquisition will be effective from the 1st of September, 2021.

Oy Armatec Finland Ab is a knowledge-based company that develops customized concepts for water, heating, cooling and process industry. Oy Armatec Finland Ab is distributor of industrial valves from leading European suppliers, most notably LESER pressure relief valves. Other partners are Reflex Gmbh and Alfa Laval.

The strategic asset acquisition will expand our current HVAC product range enabling us to serve our customers in Finland even better. Armatec Group has own local distribution nets also in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Armatec Finland is well known among both installers and consultants within the Hevacsector. The business of the Termovent products will thus have a good opportunity to grow in the Armatec Finland organisation.