Active leverage


The main driving force for all potentially successful prospects, as we see it, lies not only in having the assets, tools, knowledge and channels to move forwards, but also in having the relentless and joyful motivation to increase customer value. 

We see that the driving force for motivation and commitment of employees, directors and owners of modern successful companies come from their own will and great potential to influence – combined with having shared values and shared goals.

Being an active and outspokenly fastidious partner, we do not care to work with just about anyone. To partner with Novargus is to believe that joint innovation focus paired with engaged people – at all corporate levels from the ground floor, via the board of directors and throughout the value chain – can change businesses, markets and societies towards a prosperous future.

Novargus is a perfect partner for those who have the potential and the will to be leaders within their fields as well as to be pillars of society.


chairman and third generation owner